The Pros and Cons of Universal and Private Health Care

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Canadians have been involved in a great controversy between the Americans over their ways of dealing with healthcare for many generations. The Canadians believe universal healthcare is best whereas the Americans believe that Private healthcare is what’s best. The easiest way to decipher who is most reasonable between these two faces of healthcare is to look at the Universal health care in Canada on its own, the Private healthcare in America, then an assessment to bring the two to opposed sides to a reasonable conclusion. Thus hopefully making a well-balanced decision. To start it off there are many benefits and downfalls to the Universal healthcare in Canada. They say that the “Canadian healthcare is ‘stress free’” (“Sicko”) well we’re going to find out if this is completely true or not. When a Canadian walks into a hospital in their country they do not get asked about their healthcare insurance. The doctors are more worried about helping you, not your healthcare coverage. When they leave they do not have a bill to take home from their expenses of staying there, they may have a prescription for some drugs that they have to pay a few bucks for but that’s the extent of the hospital billing you see in Canada. All this may sound terrific to you but what has been yet to be said is their amount of taxes. Canadians have to pay for their healthcare through their taxes, making them skyrocket high. Many Canadians cannot afford to have a big house for this reason and even if they
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