The Pros and Cons of Using Solar Power

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Solar Power The use of solar power is currently gaining popularity in various areas and fields. Typically the solar energy is captured and then converted into electricity through photovoltaic cells. There are various areas that currently use solar power these include; in water pumping, this is commonly used in developing countries where the solar energy is harnessed and used in pumping water in remote areas. The solar energy is also used to power off-grid desalination plants. Solar power is increasingly being used in the production of electricity for homes, schools and businesses. Another current use of solar power is in industries where it has been used to power TV and radio repeater stations. Solar power is also being used in residential homes as a source of heat. They use solar energy to heat water supplies and also swimming pools. There is also an increase in use of solar power in public transportation vehicles like trolleys, busses and light trains. There are also future plans for solar powered bus shelters development. Small gadgets like calculators and watches also use solar power since they require little energy (Anderson, 2012). There are various effects that are seen when solar power s being used these are both positive and negative effects. Some of the positive effects are; as the traditional sources of power rise, solar power provides an alternative source of power as it uses the sun which is absolutely fee. Not only does the use of solar power have a
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