The Pros and Cons of Wind Energy Essay

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As awareness of global warming is raised, many alternative actions have been taken to help prevent this problem. Wind energy is one alternative solution that we use today in our society to fight global warming. However, there are many people who are sceptical about how effective this method is. Is wind energy an important part of fighting global warming? Global warming is the increase in the Earth's temperature caused by human activities, such as burning coal, oil and natural gas. This releases gases such as: carbon dioxide, methane, and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Some people are very sceptical about how reliable wind is as a source of energy. One major drawback of wind energy is that the wind does not blow reliably or …show more content…
According to Renewable UK both the UK and Germany do not depend on fossil fuels- they also use alternative energy methods- as much as the rest of the world. Unfortunately there is still a great demand for coal, oil and natural gas. The emissions they let out do not help to stop global warming, but rather they are increasing the rate that global warming is taking place. Also if we build wind turbines, they will contribute to noise pollution as the gearboxes in the turbines and the spinning of the blades generate rather a large amount of noise. Altogether this seems to suggest that we will always be dependent on fossil fuels and natural gases as sources of energy, rather than alternative methods. We see them as easily accessible resources, as we can buy them every day. Many people find that wind turbines are generally unpleasant to look at. If we are trying to save the environment, then why do we construct wind farms that are replacing many picturesque areas of the countryside? To build wind farms we have to clear areas of land- this may put stress on animals as we are forcing them out of their habitats and causing them to act differently due to their sudden introduction to a new environment. Several people feel that the countryside should remain untouched and unspoiled, without these large unpleasant structures obstructing our view. The landscape should be left in its natural form for everyone to see and enjoy. We must also take into account
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