The Pros and Cons of Xenotransplantation: Organ Donations

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Xenotransplantation The topic I would like to talk about today is called xenotransplantation. If you haven’t ever heard about xenotransplantation that’s okay, a lot of people haven’t. As you know many of the people who need organ donations need them because of new and old health issues. The worldwide demand for organs far surpasses the supply. A study done by the United Network for Organ Sharing in 2004 found that over one hundred thousand patients could have benefited from an organ transplant but only twenty-nine thousand were available. In the United States alone seventeen patients die each and every day while on the waiting list to receive a donor organ. Scientists have been trying to find a solution for the lack of donated organs.…show more content…
A number of factors could greatly magnify the risk of spreading serious disease. At least it could theoretically, you can’t know for sure until they have put an organ into a human body. On a different note the process is not very nice to animals. To some people this doesn’t seem like a big deal but to others it is a huge deal. The question is, do we have the right (morally) to use animals like this. The animals may suffer from the necessary conditions they have to be raised in. The animals have to be delivered by cesarean and kept isolated, causing emotional suffering in social animals like pigs. Some people are okay with that because they think that animals were meant to help us survive, which is why we eat them and use them for other necessities such as clothes. But others think that it is wrong to genetically modify them and to make them suffer for our own well being. Whatever your opinion is, that’s all it is. There is no fact saying if it is, or isn’t okay to use animals like that. That has been a controversial issue for a very long time. I think that xenotransplantation could be an amazing option for people that have no other choice. I don’t think that it should replace organ donation but for people who are going to die before they would get to the top of the waiting list it would be a fantastic alternative. In my opinion I think that we should look into how to make organ donation a more popular decision. We could study the ways that have worked so far and

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