The Pros and Cons of the Great Migration Essay

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The Great Migration was a huge relocation of African Americans from the Southern states of the United States to northern and Midwestern cities. This occurred between the years of 1910 and 1970. Over 6 million African Americans traveled to Northern cities during the migration. Some northern city destinations were Richmond, D.C, Baltimore, New York, and Newark. Western and Midwestern destinations were those such as Los Angelos, San Francisco, St. Louis, Chicago, and Detroit. During this time period and previous years, Jim Crow laws in the South were greatly in affect and causing African Americans a rough time due to the racism they faced. After Reconstruction had ended, white supremacy had taken it's toll in the South and Jim Crow had…show more content…
In this paper I will use a variety of sources, mainly secondary sources, to explain my point on the Great Migration being beneficial. The primary source that I do use in this paper is an interview of an individual who participated in the Great Migration. His name is James Green, as I have mentioned him before. The interview he participated in was conducted for a Black Migration project. Because he has been a part of this mass movement of African Americans, it makes him a reliable source. Now I will explain a few of my other sources. A secondary source I used is from the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture which comes from the New York Public Library. This site known as In Motion: The African American Migration Experience, gives background information about what the Great Migration was, it’s causes, and what life was like in the North. It also provides resources such as images, maps, and texts relating to the migration. One of the research papers I use for this paper came from a student from Boston University, but Harvard University owns a copy of it. This paper titled "The Great Migration's Impact On the Education of Southern-born African Americans" explains the effects on education in the North of Southern born African Americans who came to the North during The Great Migration. Another source displayed in this paper is an
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