Essay on The Pros and Cons of the Internet

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The internet is a vast network of computers that connects many of the world’s businesses, institutions, and individuals. It allows millions of people throughout the world to send and receive messages to each other, share information, and play games (Naughton 4). It was initially designed to aid the government and help people expand academically, but it is now becoming more commercialized and used in ways that it was not made for. The thought of the internet was first introduced in 1960 when the United States Department of Defense was concerned about nuclear warfare and wanted to do what it could to protect America against foreign threats. With the help of the Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Department of Defense was able to link…show more content…
Some people saw an opportunity to expand academically while others saw an opportunity to make money. The internet was going from a private sector of the government to a publicly used program. With the introduction of web browsers and the World Wide Web, a lot of entrepreneurs were able to launch their businesses online. These businesses were some of the most profitable businesses in the world during the 20th century but by the year 2000, a lot of the internet based companies had gone out of business (Gillies 245). The internet was becoming more than just a defense mechanism for the United States and way more than a business idea for entrepreneurs. As different types of computers were introduced and more and more people started using the internet, the functions of the internet also expanded. Like everything in life, the internet grew and evolved. There were more resources available for use and people started taking advantage of them. It slowly became available to the public and its functions rapidly grew. People were using it for various reasons and continue to do so today. Almost every household in the United States and many in foreign countries have access to the internet and they all use if for different tasks. Today, tens of millions of people use the Internet. Whether it’s for business or multimedia, people log on to the web everyday. The most popular use for the internet is communication. Businesses, individuals, and

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