The Pros of Employment for Ex-Cons Essay

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The Pros of Employment for Ex-Cons In the last thirty years the crime rate in the United States has decreased, but the number of people incarcerated has increased because longer minimum sentences and stricter requirements for parole have been established. Offenders serve longer prison sentences that lead to a variety of employment-related barriers to overcome after release (Bracey 253). In the State of Nebraska, ex-offenders find little help when searching for employment. On the Department of Correction’s website, the mission statement reads, The mission of the Department of Correctional Services is to serve and protect the public by providing control, humane care, and program opportunities for those individuals placed in its custody…show more content…
Employment, or lack there-of, is said to be one of the top two factors in recidivism (Agan-Mencl; Pannkuk). Recidivism has become a nationwide problem, and many are looking for ways to reduce its rate (Bracey 253). Ex-offenders have a hard time finding long-standing, good paying employment because of the barriers they face. One of those barriers is a lack of skills needed to gain employment (Holzer, Raphael, and Stoll 4-5). Many offenders are both undereducated and unemployed when they enter prison, and while in prison, often fail to gain adequate education or skills because there are no resources offered to acquire these skills (Smith). Also, employers fear hiring ex-offenders because of their criminal past. John Rakis, who wrote, “Improving the Employment Rates of Ex-Prisoners Under Parole,” says many employers have a “prejudice,” against hiring an ex-offender (Rakis 8). Along with employers being wary of a criminal past, ex-offenders also have large gaps in their employment history, as a result of the time served in prison. These gaps cause ex-offenders to appear as undependable employees, and employers become hesitant of hiring the ex-offenders (Bracey 253). Richard Coley and Paul Barton, who jointly wrote, “Locked up and Locked out: An Educational Perspective on the U.S. Prison Population,” say, “Employers value experience and continuity of work history” (Coley and Barton 30). When an offender has spent a significant amount of

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