The Pros of Love and Marriage

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PRO AND CONS OF LOVE AND MARRIAGE The Pros of Love and Marriage All of us have a natural biological urge to pair bond and this tendency motivates us to seek out intimate relationships with others who could potentially become our significant partner in life. Usually, but not always, this urge is expressed for relationships with someone of the opposite gender. Love relationships and marriage fulfill this need and also the need that many people have to procreate. There are also strong societal norms and expectations that adults will form permanent or at least long-term relationships and there are various social stigmas associated with adults who remain single all of their lives. Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly difficult to support a household on a single income while still having time left over for recreational interests. Marriage allows couples to combine their financial resources and consolidate various practical responsibilities to contribute to a joint home. By middle age, married men are statistically healthier and more content in their lives than their unmarried counterparts. They tend to achieve more professionally, financially, and they live longer and suffer fewer medical disorders than unmarried men of the same age. Marriage provides stability in life that helps the individual deal with challenges in other areas of life and it is the basis for emotional and psychological stability and comfort. By comparison, single individuals often experience periods of
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