The Pros of Multiculturalism

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The most important characteristic that distinguishes different nationalities from each-other is culture: “the ideas, customs and social behavior of a society”. With his inherited culture, every person represents the place where he comes from. He represents the tradition, lifestyle, values which make this nation unique and distinguishable. As the world develops and society progresses, it is easier for people to move to different countries to find a new job and have a better life. This is one of the main reasons that have made multiculturalism, defined as the preservation of different cultures and cultural identities within a unified society, to expand. One of the countries where this social phenomenon is mostly spread is US. Personally I believe that multiculturalism gives a lot of advantages to the American society. Firstly, multiculturalism makes people to happily live together. It teaches people that all cultures are equal and cultures shouldn’t compete with each-other. In this way people learn to collaborate. The exchange of different experiences brings intellectual development in the society of US. Furthermore, there are fewer conflicts because of the amiable attitude people show towards different nationalities, towards people with different beliefs, tradition, viewpoints or even color of the skin. That’s why I think that multiculturalism fights racism too. The strongest evidence I can give for this is the election of Obama as the president of America for the second
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