The Protection Of Environmental Deterioration

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When a passion for a societal concern starts to become one’s priority and they endorse themselves in acts of promotion, recognition, and direct action, one may identify them as an activist. When I think of an activist, I visualize an individual who shares a passionate connection with a concern and demonstrates great knowledge and action towards the sharing and the prevention of the issue. This semester I felt privileged to be able to listen to and observe a group of individuals who shared a common passion that they all felt strongly towards; the environment. The level of passion towards an issue can be as broad as the environmental deterioration, or as specific and local as the wetland loss in Louisiana. The several guest speakers that I…show more content…
Myeengun Henry, who serves as the manager of Aboriginal Services for Conestoga College in Kitchener, Ontario. Myeengun was an interesting individual as he mentioned his active participation in many environmental projects such as trees for life and Enbridge’s Line 9 pipeline. Much of the environmental activism that Myeengun participates in involves and an improvement in the human contact and spiritual relationships between first nations and the environment (Henry, 2016, Lecture). Human health is vulnerable to disturbances in the ecosystem which was noted through Myeengun’s attempts to promote the devastating impact that could happen if Line 9 were to burst. To see an individual so inspired about an issue and take it to court and fight for justice for his community and their surrounding environment engaged my knowledge of the environment greatly. It engaged my learning and how looking after environmental issues that pertain to our community has the ability to bring individuals together and conduct forms of resistance that can be transferred through future generations (Henry, 2016, Lecture). Earth and its surrounding environment are a home to all of us, yet none of us treat it as a home. Everyday we exploit its resources, pollute it with tar sands and trash, and
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