The Protection Of Human And Civil Rights

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Part 1: Background Introduction: The protection of human and civil rights, has been a long fight, one that this world has yet to win. The battles of this war are vicious: protests to overthrow corrupt governments are noble, but at what price? Protests and rebellions of international magnitude echo with violence and civilian casualties. A recent example of this “war” has been the Arab Revolts in 2010, which devolved into the full-fledged rebellions known as the “Arab Spring.” The already tense situations in the Middle East and North Africa, imploded into protests against unfair governments and pursuit of these corrupt leaders. The international community, especially those of democratic roots were quick to defend the “righteous” rebel cause. While other nations, felt that these rebellions were nothing more than a civilian temper tantrum. In this paper, I will be focusing on the rebellions that occurred in both Libya and Egypt, to better understand the actors involved and whether the actions taken by outside actors were justified. Timeline of Events: Before attempting to understand the dynamics of Libya and Egypt, it is important to dissect the events prior to the eruption of the Arab Spring. Taking into account the history of each respective country and the everyday life of a civilian. One could argue that the “straw that broke the camel’s back,” was 26 year-old fruit vendor Mohamed Bouazizi, a symbolic representation of Arab citizens (Fahim 1). Bouazizi of Tunisia, was
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