The Protection and Welfare of Children

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Preface One of the greatest responsibilities of society in general and government officials particularly is the protection of children. All too often, various factors in families create a lack of safety and well-being for children. For this reason, entities such as the Mission of the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families exist to create safety, permanency, and well being for children, especially after they have suffered from trauma incidents within the family. New child welfare practices included in the Department are child-driven, family centered, community focused, strengths-based, committed to diversity and committed to continuous learning and innovation. By focusing on these ideals, each individual within the Department is focused on creating the best possible for all children making use of its services. Hence, the Department works to promote its vision, which is the safety of children in a way that can provide the best possible hope of creating a sustained and resilient network of relationships, which would support growth and development for the child and create a good platform for an effective adulthood. Specific services include foster care, residential placement, child care services, adoption services, and services focusing on help for households where domestic violence, abuse or neglect are present. Adolescent services and home based services for the education and support of families are also present. My role within the Department is as
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