The Protections Of Title Vii Of The Civil Rights Act Of 1964 Essay

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If a person has been fired, rejected for employment, or otherwise harmed due to their sex, gender, or sexual orientation there are a number of laws that prohibit this discrimination. Concepts of sex discrimination are applied to business managerial settings by ensuring the employee gets an equal opportunity to work and workplace discrimination to be controlled.
Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects individuals from discrimination based upon their sex and makes it illegal for a business to discriminate against a person’s hiring, firing, and additional terms and conditions of hire (Alexander & Hartman, 2001). Title VII covers all private employers, government employees, and any institution that employs 15 or more persons. These laws also cover employment agencies, labor groups, and agencies that control apprenticeships and training. The protections of Title VII apply to both existing employees and job candidates. If you are an existing employee and are dismissed, not promoted, or not provided accommodations due to your sex or gender, you are protected (York, et al., 2008). This also applies if you are not hired due to your sex or gender. It may be wrong to completely ignore sex issues when considering the dissimilarities amongst men and women but the idea that women are the “inferior sex” and the opinion that women’s health concerns characterize a deficiency play into the label that women are substandard when considering their suitability for work (Fox &…
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