The Proteins Of Protein And Proteins

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1. Janine and Mitchell were talking about carbohydrates and proteins. Proteins are large and complex molecules that play many roles in the body. Our body contains many cells that are responsible for a specific job. Proteins do most of the work in cells that are required for the structure, function, and regulation of the body 's tissues and organs. In each cell there is a lot of proteins that work together like a machine to run each cell, just like the engine in a car proteins look different and they all have different tasks that allow the engine to run. Proteins are made of amino acids that are attached to one another in a long chain. Proteins are needed for mechanical support(a fibrous protein), and also needed for immune protection(hormones). Some of the major dietary sources for protein are seafood, white-meat Poultry, milk, cheese, yogurt, and eggs. Carbohydrates are compounds made from carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Carbohydrates are a source of energy for the body glucose, building blocks for giant carbohydrates in the human body, and components of other molecules like DNA and RNA. Carbohydrates are transported by the bloodstream to various tissues and organs, including muscles and brain, where it is used for energy, and stores glucose in the liver and skeletal muscles. Fats provide more than half of the body 's energy needs. Fat from the food you eat is broken down into fatty acids,that travel in the blood that is then captured by hungry cells. Some dietary sources…

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