The Protest Song By Charles Albert Tindley

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The protest song selected for this report was "We Shall Overcome" (Various Artists, 1945) written by various artists, with lyrics originating from an older activist 's hymn. This report will cover the history, purpose, lasting effects, and the value of "We Shall Overcome" and its predecessor "I 'll Overcome Someday". "We Shall Overcome" the protest song has found itself tied to multiple social movements, however, its origin has its roots planted in the civil rights movement. After researching about this song I came across the fact that the lyrics and the style of the song originated from "I 'll Overcome Some Day", a hymn created by Charles Albert Tindley, An East Coast Methodist Minister, in 1901. Charles Tindley was the son of an African American slave father and free mother. It wasn 't until the mid 1940s ' (ten years after Charles had passed on, leaving behind a lifetime of community work and activism) that we see the first rendition of the modern "We Shall Overcome" as a protest song by a tobacco and food union group. A few short years later in 1947 this song 's title was recognized as "We Shall Overcome" in an edition of 'people 's songs bulletin ', a publication directed by Pete Seeger, who is very well known for his rendition of this song and many others. This song is an anthem, a chant if you will. Its purpose is not to drag attention to a specific event, such as "41 Shots" (Springsteen, 2000) where Bruce Springsteen emotionally portrays the events of a fatal

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