The Protestant Reformation And The Reformation Essay

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The Protestant Reformation was the time in the 16th century when the Roman Catholic Church, which had dominated Europe for over a thousand years, split into new factions of Christianity. There were a number of political, social and religious causes for the reformation. It was because of the ideals of significant figures such as Martin Luther that these protests were successful and led to major changes.
Before the Protestant Reformation, almost all Christians in Europe were roman catholic. The roman catholic church was the dominant church in Europe and had been for over a thousand years. The protestant reformation resulted in the roman church splitting into countless new denominations of Christianity. This was extremely important as it resulted in countries separating from the roman empire and granting religious freedom to their people. People were able to read the bible for themselves and form their own opinions. It also caused many European states to break with the Roman church, being a political reformation as well as a religious one.
During the middle ages the catholic church had a lot of power. As they were essentially the temporary caretakers of what was most important to the people, their souls which unlike their temporal bodies were eternal. The church also ran all the social services such as benefits for the poor, and education. In most societies the only person who could read the bible was the church priest as it was only available in latin. They also owned over a
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