The Protestant Reformation : The Path To The Protestant Reformation

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The protestant reformation happened around the 16th century where there was an abundant change was occurring in europe. Many religions began to sprang throughout the world in which would rival the Catholic church and this created a problematic task for them to overcome. Many people started to doubt the way that the church was portraying their teachings and this would would ultimately lead the path to the corruption of the Roman Catholic Church. Many people stopped viewing the pope as God’s right hand man, but instead began to see him as more of a religious money hungry individual that doesn't even care for his follower’s spiritual needs. This inspire people to believe they can construct a relationship with God through personal worship. Worshiping at home allowed the people feel less attached to the church due to the flaws of the church was portraying at the time. The catholic church was challenged by a few individuals who spoke out about these problems, this allowed the church to modify its ways and revive the people and their faith in the church. Martin Luther and John Calvin were the two major factor in reviving christianity from damnation by speaking out against the Roman Catholic Church.
Martin luther's words would be most impactful out of all the reformers who spoke out against the church during this era. He spoke out against the church and expressed his opinion about the wrongdoings of their teachings and refused to back down until he was heard. Martin Luther was a man
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