The Providence of God

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In a debate that has long plagued those who study scripture, the idea that this paper will change the mind of any is comical. The discussion about the providence of God has long been debated and argued with dozens of different ideas being brought up, however in the broad sense of the debate there are two basic schools of thought. First there is the school of thought that God created all things, and sustains all things, yet has given man, his prized creation, the ability to make choices apart from his will. Secondly, there is the school of thought that God created all things, and governs all aspect of life even now, with nothing happening apart from his knowledge and will. Both schools of thought claim that scripture backs up their side of the debate and to a degree, this appears to be true. . The Calvinist approach is that God, in his sovereignty, is involved in every aspect of a humans life; while the Arminian view would be that God has granted humans “free will” thus reducing his power in some way. Throughout this paper, the author will explore the different schools and thought and the scripture used to support them. It is important to note, that while the author of this paper identifies himself as a staunch Calvinist, he will not give a biased view on the issues, but will discuss the issues fair and balanced. The author will touch on the doctrine of election, in the sense of salvation, however it will not be a theme of this paper. The paper is to examine the argument from
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