The Provision Of External Audit Services

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THE PROVISION OF EXTERNAL AUDIT SERVICES These days, people all over the world are facing difficulties in believing external audit services because of current drawbacks such as failure in corporation, current financial crisis as well as banking crisis. On the other hand, the professions in every country is trying their best to remove the doubts of the customers in every way to maintain their self - regulatory status. Likewise, the professions in UK also are endeavoring with might and main to reform to improve their audit and audit quality to make people reinforce their confidence in the financial markets and to win the public interest and the public acceptance. With regard to the self-regulatory nature of the profession in audit, as a first thing, it should be tackled to enhance skills in management and high technical capacity. In doing this, there should be major changes in management program. Again, the relationships between employer and employee as well as those between firm personnel and auditors should be well developed and their positive attitudes towards nature of work ought to be improved. It may take long time to reform but such changes can lead to the successful audit services. Also, in the case of choosing auditors, they should be carefully chosen by being evaluated the quality continuously with the unanimous consent of Audit Committees, regulators and the shareholders. There should be transparency among them to carry out each responsibility objectively and to
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