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The Psalms were written by several Authors under the inspiration of the Spirit of God. The Oldest psalm preserved for us is Psalm Ninety. Other Authors of the Psalms include: David, who is attributed to writing Seventy Three of the Psalms. Asaph was the music director during the reigns of David and Solomon. He wrote twelve psalms. They wrote twelve psalms. Solomon is the Author of two of the Psalms. He composed Psalm Seventy-two and Psalm One Hundred and Twenty-Seven. Heman a singer in the time of Asaph and David wrote the Eighty-Eighth Psalm. Ethan was a companion of Asaph and Heman in the worship at the temple. He wrote the Eighty-Ninth Psalm. Fourty-Eight of the Psalms are written anonymously.

The Psalms were originally
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These psalms have lines which in Hebrew start with words whose first letters follow a certain pattern. Psalm One Hundred and Nineteen is a classic example of this. Each Section starts with a different letter of the Hebrew alphabet.There are Ethical Psalms. Ethical Psalms are Psalms that teach moral principles. Psalm Fifteen can be considered an ethical Psalm. There are Worship Psalms These are psalms of praise and worship. There are Historical Psalms that give accounts of the history of God and his dealing with His people. Psalm One Hundred and Six is an example of a Historical Psalm. There are also Psalms of Intervention. Messianic Psalms are the Psalms that pertain to the Coming of Christ as Messiah. Psalm Two and Psalm One Hundred and Ten are Messianic Psalms. Penitent Psalms are the Psalms that demonstrate sorrow for sins committed. The Fifty-first Psalm is the most recognizable penitent Psalm.The Psalms Of Degrees were sung by pilgrims on the way to Jerusalem. The Psalms of Degrees are Listed as Psalm One Hundred Twenty Through One Hundred Thirty-Four. The Psalm of Suffering is found in Psalm One Hundred and Two. Psalm One Hundred is the Great Psalm of Thanksgiving.Psalms are designed by God for more than just Historical or Poetic gain.

The Psalms are to be used as instruction ,

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