The Psalms Function As A School Of Prayer

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For almost two thousand years, the Psalms were essential to the devotional practice of the Christian church, teaching the believer to pray in response to the living God, a confession of praise and glory to the Almighty God. Thus, when the contemporary church thus that she is joining a large group of people that for nearly thirty centuries based their prayers and worship in those ancients words. In Eugene H. Peterson’s view, there is no other place where can be seen such a deeply and detailed form, of the human dimension in the Bible history as in the Psalms.
The aim of this paper is to analyze how the Psalms should be used in the church today. For that, this study is divided into three parts: First, the Psalms and Prayer, where will be discussed how the book of Psalms function as a school of prayer. Second, Christians and the use of the Psalms, in this topic will be highlighted how Christians can find Jesus in the Psalms. Finally, putting into practice is a topic that will explain the value and the need of using the Psalm in the church.

The Psalms and Prayer
The Psalter was the school that Israel and the church appealed to learn how to pray, which along with Isaiah was the most cited book by Jesus and the apostles in the New Testament. For the first Christians the rules were, “be filled with the Spirit, speaking to one another with psalms.” Thus, as their Jewish fathers listened to the Word of God through the Psalms its instructions and laments…

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