The Psalter Reclaimed Reflection Essay

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The Psalter Reclaimed Reflection Essay

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OBST 520 ? D06
Old Testament Orientation II


Oliver M. Brown
April 24, 2016


Introduction The book of Psalms has been divided into five major sections, like the Pentateuch, with each sections ending with a doxology. It has the most chapters in the Bible, including the longest and the shortest chapters. In completing the reading assignment, a greater insight and understanding about the book of Psalms was gained. In reading the Psalms, one is able to identify the character of God and His steadfast love to those who fear Him. The book of Psalms allows the reader to communicate with God, and at the same time, it is communication from God. It therefore is not only a biblical text that recounts the lives of others, but it allows for the reader to repeatedly say its words as prayers or praises, thereby becoming entrenched in his ??intellectual and emotional life in a way that makes deep claims upon that life?.?[footnoteRef:1] [1: Gordon Wenham, The Psalter Reclaimed: Praying and Praising with the Psalm, Wheaton, IL:Crossway 2013.]

Section 1: Psalms and the Nature of Worship
According to the Webster?s Dictionary, 1828, one of the meanings of worship is ?to honor with extravagant love and extreme submission.? As Christians, we are taught that we are created to…

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