The Pseudoscience of the Modern World

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The creation and development of Alchemy has been teeming with countless stories of philosophical theories, alchemic brilliance, and public ridicule and disgrace due to failure to create a legendary substance known as the Philosophers stone. As a result, this stone has been one of the most pursued objects of Europe an history providing the driving force for Alchemy. This sacred art is what pioneered the very first tools, process, and theories of modern chemistry (Alchemy). Current generations of Americans were most likely introduced to the concept of Alchemy in American literature such as in works by Shakespeare (Alchemy in Art). Many of these books actually portrayed real characters such as Nicholas Flamel, a real alchemist in the 13th…show more content…
His other theory states there are four Aristotelian Qualities: hot, dry, wet, and cold. Each classic element was thought to be a different combination of two of these qualities (Aristotle).
Aristotle also gave a theory that was most likely responsible for the search for gold. The theory stated that perfection in the natural world is achieved over time. Not a bad idea, even in modern culture. Aristotle had much reason to believe in this. Natural transformations to perfection could easily be observed throughout nature. Examples include seeds turning into plants or caterpillars turning into butterflies. In both cases, a flower is the highest form of a seed. A butterfly is the highest form of a caterpillar. The greeks believed that gold was the highest form of metals. They also reasoned that metals grew in the earth. Similarly to a butterfly or seed, given enough time, all metals would eventually grow into gold. When the idea of the Philosophers Stone was heavily introduced in the 8th century, it was thought to speed up this growing (Alchemy and the Road).
Greece’s enormous progression in all arts during the Hellenistic was due to the constant conquering of land by Alexander the Great. Among his first captured land was Egypt. Because he now had control of Egypt, he had access to Egypt's treasures. This is where he discovered the Emerald Tablet and introduced it to the world. The tablet is
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