The Psychedelic Art Culture From The Counterculture Revolution Of The 1960 ' S

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The Psychedelic art culture sprouted from the Counterculture revolution of the 1960 's referring to the anti-establishment phenomenon which developed in the United states but spreading across the United Kingdom and much of the Western world. At the beginning the counterculture believed by removing themselves from reality into a new reality with removing all the bad and leaving only the good such as peace, love, and no war was the key to the future of happiness.This place of only good and no bad was known as their Utopia and trying to get there was their only purpose. (Utopia) Utopia is when qualities are processed near perfect by a community or society unlike Dystopia an antonym of Utopia - a place of undesirability. Many people such as…show more content…
Counterculture was the name given to the people, music and style of art within this social group to spread the "spirit of Euphoria and a Utopian belief in a better future" - Fig 6 by altering their consciousness to which opens their minds to a whole new world. They didn 't want to rebuild a new society or even change society, all they wanted to do was to remove themselves from the present into their idea of Utopia. Doing so would remove themselves to their world of love, peace, and harmony with one and all. "A state of mind is Utopian when it is incongruous with the state of reality within which it occurs." - Fig 11 meaning that one believes in an object, place, or existence which does not actually be within the reality of the situation however is still evident in the state of mind of that said 'one ' which is displayed by experience, thought and in practice. (ww2 info and great depression sum up) Their first steps to create their Utopian dream to become a reality was to join the African-American civil rights movement to end the 'African-American racial segregation and discrimination ' between 1955 - 1968. Which after lead to other movements such as expressing human sexuality, women rights and experimenting with psychoactive drugs to gain their interpretation of the american dream. The distinguished factors of the successes in the Counterculture was because of the
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