The Psychoanalytical Criticism Of Psychoanalysis And Education Essay

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Many people today skim through pages of the books but might not actually understand the motivations behind the characters actions. Reading a book through the perspective of a psychoanalytic can resolve this problem. Although, the reader has to study the term “psychoanalytical criticism” before actually be able to use it in any story. The Psychoanalytical criticism is used today in literature to help the audience understand human motivation through either the characters or the author itself. After all the author is the creator and should be considered in the analysis to find what the reader desires to know about the characters. In Psychoanalysis And Education : Minding A Gap the authors Linden West and Alan Bainbridge provide the benefits that psychology provides to different people “Psychoanalysis, broadly defined, has encouraged us to delve beneath surface appearances, and to challenge overly sanitised, emo- tionally deadened, and ultimately unsustainable accounts of learning, to build richer, deeper, whole person understandings, redolent with vulnerability, but also resilience in “keeping on keeping on”, whether as a teacher, young person, or adult learner”(West and Bainbridge 6). The reader has to read a story several times and the reader should have a basic understanding of psychology. Although it is important to remember one is analyzing the text with evidence not making assumptions of an illness. When psychoanalysis is used in literature famous theories arise from
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