The Psychodynamic Theory Of Psychology

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In this case study, I am going to use the psychodynamic theory to analyze Hank. Some of the observed characteristics of Hank include: Short, overweight, lonely, sarcastic, socially challenged, loud, prone to outbursts, and has several bad oral-oriented habits. For this case study I’m going to focus on how Hank’s personality has developed using the following Freudian theories: defense mechanisms, psychosexual stages, the structure of the mind, and the three tenets. As we know Freud was mainly concerned with how our unconscious affects our individual personality. According to Freud and his three-tenet theory we are all victims of determinism, conflict, and the topographical model. At the most basic level we have life instincts, libido, and death instincts, Thanatos. Libido includes our unconscious desire for pleasures like sex. Thanatos is our unconscious desire to die, which includes aggressive and reckless behaviors. In regards to Hank he is unable to satisfy his libido instincts because he does not have a sex life or a social life in general. This creates a major imbalance of these two instincts, which leaves Hank only with the Thanato instincts that result in aggressive behaviors. Some of these aggressive behaviors of Hank include yelling at his waiter at the restaurant and insulting one of his client’s health habits. Also this imbalance leads to the second tenet, which is conflict. According to our lecture, this conflict often leads to anxiety that defense mechanisms
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