The Psychodynamics of the Human Mind

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Abstract The psychodynamics of a human mind are designed by nature to adhere to a certain thought process that makes up one's mindset. The said mindset acts as a shell when it comes to creating perceptions. This mental shell is something that acts as a hindrance to adapt to any changes stimulated in the environment that contradicts with an individual's behavioural pattern. Ever since the dynamics of the corporate world started to change rapidly, organizational theorists have been emphasising on change management. Organizational theorists believe that and individual's psychodynamics has a great role to play in change management as the degree to which one can adopt to changes in workplace can have great impact on an individual's productive efficiency. Introduction Over a period of time as the corporate world got more competitive, and globalization increased thus triggering global competition, the dynamics of the organization's internal culture changed and it was realized that the concept of leadership may not and should not necessarily mean a person who is in a top notch and authoritative position. Moreover, Maslow's hierarchy of needs pyramid also put forth the idea, that the employees are only motivated by financial gains until their initial needs and wants are being fulfilled. However, at later stages they look beyond monetary benefits and the highest degree of employee motivation is self actualization (Huffington, Cole & Brunning, 1997). This theory gave
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