The Psychological And Physical Effects Of Obesity

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Name: Obesity To determine whether obesity is a kind of disease, we need to understand the psychological and physical effect of obesity. Based on our daily experience, I can find that the effect is obvious and significant. But we still need to do further research to find out the extent of these two kinds of effects. Based on the article Psychological aspects of childhood obesity: a controlled study in a clinical and nonclinical sample written by Caroline Braet, Ivan Mervielde and Walter Vandereycken, people who are overweight have less positive self-perceptions on physical competence than people who have normal weight. According to the research, expressions of negative self-feelings were discovered in all individuals in the research. The multifactorial self-esteem defines precisely differentiated previous results of the studies. Those individuals who suffer from obesity do not suffer from negative body esteem feelings alone. Although, a lower scores on the same subscales o f PCSC for a small obese sample were revealed. It may be concluded on the basis of the previous researches that obese individuals who are not satisfied with their personal appearance are also dissatisfied with other aspects of their lives that are not related to their appearance. The strong differences were observed between clinical and nonclinical group of obese people. The clinical group scored lower on physical self-esteem and higher on social competence. Findings in groups of people within a community

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