The Psychological And Psychological Crises Of Kuber And Yank

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Sometimes, rather most often, some questions, raised by the impuissant,are never answered; rather suppressed. Some are never raised as the powerless people, who do not possess the internal and external courage to pose the hundreds of unanswered questions regarding survival, have been in severe crisis of existence throughout their life span- living as inferior, in terms of every acknowledged and unacknowledged fundamental needs, among the superior-as an evidence and representative of furtive humanity. This work is an attempt to point out the psychological and physiological crises of Kuber and Yank, that are contributed by the conflicting factors and forces exist in the society where extreme dichotomy prevails between and among the people of two opposite classes : one is the upper class, that always endeavors to exploit the opposite class and, sometimes, homogenous class as well and the other is the lower class that is always exploited in different forms with the mechanical tools adopted cunningly, foolishly, intentionally, unintentionally and consciously or subconsciously by the upper class.
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