The Psychological Aspect Of Coping With Breast Cancer

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Many women are affected by breast cancer, more than just physically but, psychologically as well. This study taken place in Spain, illustrates the psychological aspect of coping with an illness like breast cancer. By enforcing positive psychology in those who are affected by breast cancer, gives individuals the strength to persevere through this battle. The purpose of this study was to portray breast cancer patients apart of the group intervention, gained positivity and emotional intelligence. The following questions are answered in this study: Will group interventions be effective, in comparison to those not receiving any intervention? How were the researchers able to determine the effectiveness of the group intervention? Did demographics…show more content…
As these patients face such adversity with their illness, they are becoming psychologically stronger. Within the study resilience was measured by using the Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale prior to the group intervention, and after the intervention was finished. Self-esteem can be either positive or negative, but in this study the goal is to attain a more positive self-esteem. Positive self-esteem is comprised of both happiness, and satisfaction in one’s life. By having a positive self-esteem, one is less likely to succumb to life’s negativity. This is of great importance for individuals faced with a terminal illness. Despite dealing with tragedy it is important to remain hopeful, in order to see the good through the bad. Within this study, self-esteem was measured for each patient by using the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale. This scale indicates high self-esteem and low self-esteem based on a point system. Emotional intelligence is when an individual has the ability to recognize the meanings of emotions, relations, and can problem-solve according to these components. This characteristic is acquired throughout life and the experiences it entails. As cancer is a serious illness, it is not only an adjustment for the patient, also the patient’s friends and family. Though the changes in health have great potentially of physical and psychological impairment to the patient, loved one’s
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