The Psychological Effect of Art Essay

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“A Deeper Look into the Unseen: The Psychological Effect of Art” Paintings, like many forms of art, are very subjective—what one may find intriguing another may completely disagree. “Art is physical material that affects a physical eye and conscious brain” (Solso, 13). To glance at art, we must go through a process of interpretation in order to understand what it is we are looking at. Solso describes the neurological, perceptual, and cognitive sequence that occurs when we view art, and the often inexpressible effect that a work of art has on us. He shows that there are two aspects to viewing art: nativistic perception—the synchronicity of eye and brain that transforms electromagnetic energy into neuro-chemical codes—which is…show more content…
Although the terms emotions and feelings are often used interchangeably, a careful analysis reveals that feelings are one aspect of emotion....Human emotions include four integral components: cognitive processes, affect of subjective feelings, physiological arousal, and behavioral responses....Listening to music, or even just thinking about a favorite song, often elicit conditioned or learned emotions. (Gillis, 436) When one looks at art it is safe to say that one observer might interpret the piece differently than another observer. This is due to the fact that art affects people in different ways. “Both the mind and art are part of a single physical universe....Art is physical material that affects a physical eye and conscious brain....Art may bring us feelings of sublime joy as well as dark depression” (Solso, 12-13). Psychologically, art is processed through the brain, then as we think deeper and store the image into memory using the elaborative rehearsal method—creating a story with the information in order to assist with long term memory. “Art is to be experienced, appreciated, felt, and understood” (Solso, 13). Aspects of peace and a time cycle are appropriately incorporated by Alfred Thompson Bricher in Time and Tide. The most noticeable feature is the vast ocean with the tides shifting and waves rolling in and out with disregard for anything that could possibly in the way. The meanings are infinitely boundless
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