The Psychological Effects Of Eating Disorders

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Every woman in her life has a moment when she looks in the mirror and feels fat, or opens a cosmopolitan magazine to see a size 00 girl advertising a new diet and starts to feel insecure, or goes to every length on earth to lose weight, but what women don 't realize is that those are all influences leading to eating disorders. Women are strongly affected by eating disorders in North America. Many societal, cultural and physiological aspects contribute to the impact that eating disorders have upon women.

Psychological aspect of eating disorder

The psychological effect of eating disorders is one of, if not the most influential part of the development of an eating disorder. “Eating disorders are disorders of eating behaviors, associated thoughts, attitudes and emotions, and their resulting physiological impairments” (Eating Disorders In Women, 2015).There are three main eating disorders: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge-eating disorder. “ Many authors and scientists have tried to classify eating disorders as subtypes of mood, obsessive-compulsive, or psychotic disorders” (Eating Disorders In Women ,2015). But besides the controversial debate, eating disorders are categorized under their own mental illness. Eating disorders can develop on their own or they can stem from existing mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety.
The “perfectionist” effect caused by mental illnesses like anxiety and depression can lead to the excessive need for a perfect body, and…
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