The Psychological Effects Of Media Psychology And Psychology

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Despite the disappearance of media psychologists from mainstream of psychology discipline the growing influence of mass media behaviour in everyday life can’t be easily ignored. (Media psychology is indispensible and influencing relationship)
Nobody at least in an Indian university has a faculty chamber with a sigh on the door that reads media psychologists. Psychological effect of media was most early highlighted by the work “Hypodermic Needle” (Laswell, 1938) which described the effects of propaganda on radio listeners.
The work of mass media effects on arts and “narcosting dysfunction”, in which people are satisfied to know rather than do.( Lazarsfeld & Merton, 1948).
The proponents of Frankfurt school of media theory Theodor Adorno described media as mass deception and claimed it promotes conformity, and intellectualism, risks reducing adults to the level of 11 years olds and impedes the development of independent individuals.( Adorno
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The continuous barrage of advertising for luxury goods is the major propaganda techniques for glories of capitalism. Academic research carried out in the field mostly with business objectives can be classified under two categories perceptual effects and attitudinal effects.
McGuire (1985) attempted a classic information processing model presenting cognition as a linear process with early attention essential for later processing. Sperlings (1960) concept of iconic memory which is fleeting visual stimulus storage for (50 million seconds) a brief period on the basis of the basis of theory subliminal advertising which work on the assumption that attention and perception are sufficient motivation for consumers to buy products. But socially oriented behaviour become a predominant area of research particularly in consumer

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