The Psychological Effects Of Music And Its Impact On Our Lives

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Today, we are able to listen to our own personal choices of music at any given time of day thanks to modern technology advances. In this paper, I will be highlighting the psychological effects of music, and its impact on one’s emotions because music is a separate channel of communication that affecting emotions in significant ways (Hargreaves, Mitchell & MacDonald, 2012). Music provides the benefit of releasing endorphin hormones that give confidence, good mental strength, good mood, and increase in well-being and overall happiness. Moreover music can improve creativity, stimulate learning and enhance concentration. Based on the above that mentioned, it is reasonable to assume effective use of music may even lead to improvements in job performance. Music may lead to increase in productivity and well-being, and the background music is able to regulate mood and decrease of stress levels in workplaces. My hypothesis is that because music has the ability to significantly impact one’s mood and focus, and we should introduce and utilize music in the workplace to ensure improved job performance of employees. There are numerous studies that suggest the different types, genres, tunes, and keys of music that might be effective in increasing the outputs. I will look into some recommendations on how we can accommodate music in the workplace without many objections from the employees.

Music has the power to manage and regulate emotions and stress in everyday life since it has the…

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