The Psychological Factors That Shaped My Childhood And Adolescence

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“To be successful you need to face your hardest opponent… yourself.” –Dillon Boucher. In order to face ourselves, we must know who we are and why we do certain things. Psychology allows us to do this. It is the study of people. This science allows us to look into who we are and what we are. By understanding what and how everything you do can help you make improvements. This allows the body and mind to work together, so it can give you the knowledge to help make better decisions and avoid stressful situations. It can help you achieve goals and you live comfortably with others. As I move on in life and get to the point of independence, it is important for me to understand why I do the things I do, so I can make important changes to adapt to…show more content…
Permissive parents watch their children less closely and are more free with their child’s actions (Rathus, p.288). Both of my parents have always been very loving and given me everything I needed, but at least to me, they always seemed to be more on the strict side with me than they were with my brother. I was never allowed to many of the things my brother was allowed to do and when I tried to make the argument that their rules were unfair, they always looked at me and said, “He’s a boy, you’re a girl.” This inequality in treatment put a tremendous strain on me and what the expectations I felt that I had to live up to. I feel like my parents strict and cold style effected me in both negative and positive ways. I feel that it made me become a much harder worker who was more motivated to achieve certain goals but it also caused a lot of insecurities when I failed at something. Moving on into my adolescent years wasn’t any easier. I had no idea who I was. In fact, I changed my wardrobe and what I was into doing quite often throughout middle school. One month I’d wear a dress in hopes to be a “girly girl” and the next, I’d be dressed in all shirts with black schools pretending I knew how to skateboard. In addition to that, my friend group changed dramatically within a very short period of time. I was very confused and new to all of the things this new group of peers enjoyed doing. At one point, I was so desperate to find out who I was and get the sense of belonging that
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