The Psychological Impacts Of Incarceration

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The problem to be addressed is the recognition of incarceration impacting adversely on some prisoners, while others cope relatively well with the stresses of confinement to a maximum security prison subculture. This topic will be analyzed using a quantitative approach. Since the publication of The Prison Community (Clemmer, 1940) virtually thousands of books and articles have been published on prison life and the adjustment of prisoners to their confinement. One article highlights this exact problem titled The Psychological Impact of Incarceration: Implications for Post Prison Adjustment (Haney, 2001). Mental illness and developmental disability represents the largest number of disabilities among prisoners. Purpose Statement The purpose of this experiment will be to test the theory of the psychological impacts of incarceration that relates to inmate behavior while they reside in a restricted subculture paying close attention to two specific variable age, and marital status. The independent variable of having the advantage which can be defined as misclassification of offender. The dependent variable would be misconduct of inmate behavior based on age ranges. The purpose will be achieved determining the maladaptive responses such as the increased mortality rates, self-mutilation, and prison misbehavior during the early phases of incarceration (first five years of a long term sentence). The sample will consist of inmates who are convicted of murder in comparison to the rest
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