The Psychological Problems Of A Society

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Empathy helps a person to understand the other, and in that way, the bond between the two gets stronger. “never do what you don’t want to happen to you or a loved one” is a famous phrase that parents tell their children, so they can develop empathy from the early age. This is not the case in many crimes. Besides financial problems, the psychological problems are the ones that finish the work of the crime—to destroy the victims’ life. Realistically speaking, not all crimes’ intent is that; however, once a person’s confidence of his own safety is destroyed, second thoughts of fears and remembering the scene become more lethal that the crime’s outcome itself. When this occurs, people empathizes with the victim, especially because people worries that the same crime would happen to them, and it’s a normal reaction. The role of a society is to keep all the members of the group alive by mutual help, and to keep the weak protected from the power of the strong—in other words, to avoid the appearance of predators and victims. A crime threats this social trust people have to each other. In literature, the existence of utopias shows that the society’s main role can be achieved, at the cost of people’s freedom. Deterrence theory tells that a person is a rational actor of free will (qtd. Pratt, 2011). When a person’s free will is taken away, an authority institution can avoid this will be corrupted by random factors. For example, in “From the New World” by Yusuke Kishi, people
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