The Psychological Profile Of A Terrorist

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The psychological profile of a terrorist
Joshua Breckling

Advanced placement psychology
Mr. Cutara
I found that in my research there were many different definitions of terrorism giving it different personalities to conduct these practices. Another conclusion that is drawn is the fact that terrorist cant be studied up close and asks questions up front in fear of the researchers’ lives. I also found a few common reasons why they have gone to terrorism and how it can affect the type of terror they produce among people. The most common thought of terrorism is blowing up yourself and others with you this is called suicide bombing. I majorly found that the profiling of terrorist was usually just as much sociology as psychology and has a long way to go to get true solid answers on the profile of a terrorist.

In the psychological profiling of a terrorist there are several factors you need to inspect to get your own personal conclusion they are what can draw a person to become a terrorist, what group the terrorists comes from, and can a terrorist leave terrorism. These are all valid topics that I have seen come up over and over again in my research of the topic. There is no clear definition of terrorism and it will be hard to form a universal one because we see them as terrorist but they see themselves as freedom fight or fighters for god …ect. This is why we get into the profiling of terrorist. I like all people have their own bias towards
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