The Psychological Theory Is Best For Me

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Personality is a topic that we have been discussing this past week in lecture. We have discussed personality types and how different personalities may develop. When looking at all the information that has been provided, it will be very interesting to apply it to my personal life. With this assignment, I will not only be describing my own personality but also relating it to the topics covered in lecture and determining what psychological theory is best for me. When looking at my own personality, I would say that I am a mix of many things. I feel like I am a mix of introverted and extroverted and an individual that relies more on feeling than reasoning. I often do not mind being around people or in large crowds but at the same time, I am…show more content…
It is not saying that I do not get along with others, because I have a large circle of friends. It is only saying that when it comes to opening up mentally and emotionally, there are only certain people I can do that with. Outside of that, I am a very thoughtful and caring individual and will always put others before myself. I enjoy laughing and caring for others. My parents always raised me to be a humble person and to value my character and have good morals. I do not have a quick temper and am usually an easy going. I just want to make everybody around me proud and that is what motivates me to this day. If a person is not in my family or inner circle, there is not much that can be done to alter my mood or mindset. I am just my own person that does not worry about what others say or think about my character, values, or morals. As stated previously, we have been discussing personality in depth in lab and lecture. We have learned about the five major perspectives of personality. These include trait, biological, psychodynamic, humanistic, and learning/social-cognitive. I feel like each one of these can explain how my personality has developed and how it still changes to this day. The trait perspective says that we receive certain characteristics that are influences from genetic predispositions. In simpler terms, we get our personality and certain characteristics from our parents. When examining my personality, this
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