The Psychological Wellbeing Of Children

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Throughout this report, I intend to explore of psychological wellbeing of children who live in the city. Within this issue, I wish to focus specifically on the rising levels of stress and increased prevalence of mental illness, as well as the learning difficulties encountered and decreased cognitive function for children who reside in a city setting. Through a review of two relevant policies: “The Children’s Plan” (City of Melbourne) and the “Child Friendly Communities” policy (Planning Institute of Australia), I will evaluate their effectiveness in ensuring the psychological wellbeing of city children. To conclude this report, I intend to conduct a stakeholder analysis. At this stage, I will focus upon city children, support services and local governments and councils, in relation to the issue at hand.

Challenges Posed by the Scenario:
Rising levels of stress:
A positive correlation has been observed between the occurrence of rising stress levels and children being raised in or living in a city setting. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that infuses your brain when something important is happening. According to theory, the high-speed lifestyle of the city can cause “a person 's dopamine production to go wrong” (Bloomfield, 2014) leading to rising levels of stress. However, the issue is not only with the increased exposure of stressed, but also the inability to effectively cope with the stressors faced. Through his studies, Meyer-Lindenberg (2013) discovered…
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