The Psychology Classroom And Psychology

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This paper explores research conducted within the Psychology classroom and is a review of literature. The material covered will discuss terminology used as well as review concepts learned regarding psychopathic tendencies found in children. A statement has been made that not all children who commit malicious crimes are psychopaths, and three main points were addressed to decide whether the statement was true or not. The first point discusses the early signs of psychopathy and what behaviors children with psychopathic tendencies obtain. The second point of the paper discusses what events can take place in early childhood that could possibly influence young children to commit such violent crimes. Finally, the last key point of the paper discusses whether children who contain psychopathic tendencies and commit malicious crimes are able to grow up into adults with normal behavior, or are destined to live a life of crime.
Keywords: psychopathy, archetype, hypothesis, longitudinal

A Child Psychopath
Whether or not a child who commits a malicious crime is an actual psychopath or not is a common asked question. All of the information in this paper was based off of a review of literature. The review of literature was retrieved from various experts such as Carl Jung, Jacqueline Stenson, Christian Keysers, Ryan Schill, Paul Mattaiuzzi, and Katherine Ramsland. This review of literature indicates that not all children who commit such crimes can be…
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