The Psychology Of Abnormal Psychology

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Before discussing the definition of abnormal psychology, it is first important to identify the real meaning of the word “Abnormal”. For laymen to be asked of the definition of the word Abnormal, it is common to encounter answers such as people and behaviors that is weird, strange and odd. These characterizations are not enough to fully describe the true and deeper meaning of the word Abnormal. It is important to consider characteristics in defining abnormal such as whether the behavior is causing impairment in a person’s life, also if it hinders the person in functioning properly and successfully in different aspect of his or her life such as psychological, interpersonal and personal achievement and performance. When these actions and behaviors are present it is safe to say that it is a sign of an abnormal behavior that can later on develop in to an psychological disorder. Abnormal Psychology is defined as the study of mental disorders, which also can be referred to as mental illness, psychological disorders or psychopathology. It studies different aspects of mental disorders from what the behavior and person look like or symptoms to the reason why the disorder occur or its etiology. Also abnormal psychology deals with how to address and maintain the disorders especially the people exhibiting these symptoms and also what effects and possible dangers these abnormal behaviors have on the person and the people around them (Davila, n.d). Abnormal psychology is a branch of

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