The Psychology Of Al Qaeda Leadership From Osama Bin Laden Essay

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This essay will describe the psychological, and behavior factors in terrorism, while listing the motivating factors behind them. The means of communication, and influence behind the narratives that would inspire future acts of terrorism. The factors of the psychology of the Al Qaeda leadership from Osama Bin Laden. This paper will also compare and contrast the radicalization models that would explain terrorist motives. And finally the factors of the disengagement of terrorism, and the processes behind them. Violence is a motivating factor, and within terrorism, this is the modus operandi. Fear is the main objective of terrorism when used, the idea is to either motivate a group of people to comply with demands. Acts of martyrdom have been around for about 3500 years, and these ancient stories have carried out to modern day. Some of the psychological factors behind martyrdom have been the fabrication of stories, or laying your life down for a higher power. In Japan in the 1940’s the Kamikaze’s would attack ships, and other strategic points to an idea that the emperor was god. This destruction of themselves transformed into a glory to the empire, and that idea was not uncommon. In the last several years, the Middle East has literally exploded with suicide bombers, and terrorists. In the Muslim religion there are some who believe that the only way to attain paradise is to sacrifice your life to allah, through either being killed on the battle field or through martyrdom.

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