The Psychology Of Clinical Psychology

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Clinical psychology is a relatively newer area of study in the broad category of psychology. It is subfield of psychology that covers a wide range and variety of topics and issues such as the study, diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders. (Feldman, 2010) This paper will briefly discuss the behavioral perspective, some research methods in the field of psychology, positive and negative components associated with clinical psychology, and different controversies and ways to overcome these controversies in the field of psychology.
There are many different types of psychological theories and perspectives. Theories are important to help understand the basis of treatment procedures. However the theories tend to be less valued than the techniques mainly because the theories are harder to understand. (Abramowitz, 2013) One theory or perspective that relates in particular to the field of clinical psychology is the behavioral perspective. Behavioral perspective is “the approach that suggests that observable, measurable behavior should be the focus of study.” (Feldman, 2010, pg. 13) This relates back to clinical psychology because clinical psychologists deal a lot with different behavior disorders.
There are four different types of research methods associated with clinical psychology. Theres the Jacobson-Truax method, the Gulliksen-Lord-Novick Method, the Edwards-Nunnally Method, and the Hageman-Arrindell Method. The most commonly used method is the Jacobson-Truax method…
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