The Psychology Of Jax Teller

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The Psychology of Jax Teller Who is Jax Teller? Jackson “Jax” Teller-- portrayed by actor Charlie Hunnam—is the lead character in the FX television show Sons of Anarchy. Jax is the thirty year old chapter president of the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club Redwood Originals (Sutter, 2008). Jax is from the fictional town of Charming, California (Sutter, 2008). In the series opener we find Jax struggling to cope with being a new father and his illegal, often violent involvement in his club. The Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club Redwood Originals or SAMCRO for short are involved in gun running, extortion, and protection rackets (Sutter, 2008). When Jax’s son Able is born he becomes conflicted with the thought of the direction the club is headed and the legitimate direction he wants to move the club to (Sutter, 2008). Jax was born into the club life. His father John teller founded the club. His mother Gemma Teller-Morrow is the clubs matriarch and devoted “old lady”, to Jax’s stepfather and current club president Clay Morrow (Sutter, 2008). When Jax was sixteen his father died in a motorcycle crash (Sutter, 2008). Through a manuscript written by his father we learn that John was unhappy about the direction SAMCRO was headed in. John did not want this life for Jax. The manuscript also cast suspicions that Johns death was not an accident, and that Clay and Gemma were responsible. The finding of his father’s manuscript and the birth of his son start Jax on a path to

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