The Psychology Of Psychological Testing Essay

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Dynamics of Psychological Testing Psychological testing serves as a valuable tool, with various applications, pre-employment testing fitness for position and team building are excellent examples of these uses Crucial to the integrity of the test are cohesive administration of test protocols, accurate analysis of scoring and effective interpretation of results Any errors in the collection and analysis of data can adversely affect the test results. Common errors within the application, analyzing and interpreting a test include bias, inaccurate direction, data entry, and unqualified individual’s interpretation of results. When administering a test, it is beneficial to adhere to a script, this will serve as safeguard against exposing the individual to any bias. Relying on qualified professionals to enter data, analyze and interpret all tests. APA Ethical Principals The American Psychological Association has compiled, the ethical principles and codes to assure integrity within the generalized field of psychology. Psychological professionals are continually met with ethical quandaries both professionally and personally, the code of ethics serve as a valuable tool for psychological professionals. APA’s 9th code is Assessment: psychology professions are culpable to use, reliable and valid appraisal of tests to individuals in their native language. It is vital that the professional procure informed consent,
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