The Psychology Of The Geriatric Population

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Men and women aged 65 years or older are referred to as the geriatric population. This population is the fastest growing population in the world; in fact, the current number of seniors in the U.S. exceeds 40 million. As people live longer, the elderly population is expected to reach 72 million by 2030. Medical professionals receive very little training when it comes to the mental health of seniors, which is concerning since the age group with the highest rate of suicide is the geriatric population. Caregivers and medical professionals know the signs that indicate depression. While medication may be necessary, there are other ways a caregiver can assist a patient who is experiencing depression until his or her medication takes effect.
Adult Coloring Books

Art therapists and researchers have been touting the calming benefits of coloring for more than 10 years; however, this form of stress relief has just recently received acknowledgement. The editors of Yoga Journal and researchers from Johns Hopkins University are suggesting individuals use coloring as a substitute for meditation.

Now, coloring in an adult coloring book is being used to reduce anxiety and create focus; furthermore, using coloring as a means of therapy can also result in an improved mindfulness.

Just like when an individual meditates, coloring requires focus: This allows the patient to concentrate on the here and now, switching off any other thoughts that may be causing him or her stress/anxiety.
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