The Psychology of Advertising

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Today companies not only want to sell their products but also aim to create emotional attachment with the customers for which they do emotional or subliminal advertising.
The research in consumer behavior and psychology shows that the brand related information determines the probability if the customer will select a particular brand (Mitchell 100). Companies have learned to play with the psychology and emotions of consumers and have succeeded in attracting even those consumers that were not motivated by the traditional advertisements. Companies these days are focusing on the basic psychological principles to understand how to plan and execute the advertisement.
This paper will discuss one of the "iphone 4 Face Time" commercial advertisements (HYPERLINK "" that I like most due to its ability to create emotional feelings inside me. "Iphone 4" is another appealing product of Apple, launched in 2010 along with several ads on television, newspapers and internet. Apple has a very old history of producing creative and subliminal ads that touch the heart of the consumers, as discussed in the psychoanalytic approach of Sigmund Freud (O'Shanghnessy and O'Shaughnessy 166).
Consumers like Apple ads because they…
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