The Psychology of Personality

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Running Head: Psychology of Personality Psychology of Personality Introduction 1.The foundations of the third force of psychology were laid by Carl Rogers, William Glasser and Abraham Maslow who coined the term of the third force of psychology. The main belief of the third psychology is that all people are good in an inherent manner and through a constant change in the beliefs, attitudes as well as the values; a person can become self-actualized who has the morals and the beliefs that can help him in getting their aims in a more rightful manner. The paths thereby adopted by the individuals thereby are constructive and self-satisfying. Initially it was being thought that the third force has been developed for the betterment of people who are mentally ill but nowadays it is being seen that the third force is now being used in the classrooms on healthier children and individuals (Feist, and Feist, 2008, p. 55). Dr. Carl Rogers and William Coulson developed one of the most important applications of third force of psychology known as value clarification. The underlying concept of value clarification is that there is no concept as right or wrong and there is no absolution. In addition, reality is one main fact that is based on perception and not on the concepts of right and wrong that are often passed on from one generation to the other in the same way as the tribal truths that are known to define their cultures making sure that the life and longevity of the truth goes on.
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