Essay on The Psychology of a Female Gang

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Week 7: The Psychology of a Female Gang
Latoya J. Valentine
Everest University
CCJ 4656-1 Gang Activity and Drug Operations – 1

Professor Brad Anders

Instructional Activity
As research and understanding of female gangs is imperfect or lacking, the criminal justice system would benefit by developing new methods for dealing with the increasing number of female gangs. To be effective, law enforcement officials should first acknowledge the existence of female gangs, and then develop better training for police officers to identify the female gang members they come into contact with. Unfortunately, few police departments have developed programs to specifically deal with
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The female gangster looks like your average female most of the time. The stereotype that female gangsters are overly masculine or dainty little-love-struck dames attached to gangsters is highly overrated. In all actuality the anatomy of a female gangster is more about mental and emotional reasons, rather than physical ones. Tim Delaney (2006) tells us that although the study of female gangsters is not something that has scores of documented material on the subject, there are still evidences that point to the few reasons why. Females between the ages of 12 and 18 who have low self-esteem, they come from dysfunctional homes and many have a history of victimization, physical, psychological and/or emotional abuse. Poverty is a major motivator and gang activity is synonyms with fast cash. Lastly, there is always the chance of growing up in a gang community (Delaney, 2006, p. 208-209).
The U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention put out a bulletin in March of 2001, written by Joan Moore and John Hagedorn. It is centered on female gang research. Moore & Hagedorn tell us in this bulletin that in the 1980’s and 1990’s the male and FEMALE gangs “proliferated.” This is believe to be because of the closing of factories and other manual labor-type jobs that their parents held down for years were now closing rapidly. Many people lost their jobs and the youth
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